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Taking care of wood made out of solid wood is very important. Everyone who invested their money into furniture wants their investment to last long. Taking this into consideration it is worth to get to know the rules of proper care. For everyday care of solid wood surfaces you can use a dry, possibly moist but never wet cloth. Special wood care products used for this, like "Pronto", should be applied on the cloth and not directly onto the furniture. It is also important to check if the agent we want to use for the first time will not cause the piece loose values. We recommend testing it on the part of the furniture which is not visible. Wood, as a natural material, has anti-static characteristics and prevents dust from settling. This is good news for all of you with allergies.





If the furniture gets significantly dirty, it can be quickly and effortlessly cleaned with sandpaper of very fine grit or non-woven fabric. This process is described step by step in the GUIDE - FURNITURE FINISHING tab. Natural wood furniture which is oiled needs special care by wiping with an always dry textile cloth. Wet fabric should never be used. Apart from that, once in 10-20 years oiled surfaces need refreshing by coating them with linen oil or wax. Thanks to his the wood will be better protected and the silky luster and renovation will make the furniture look as good as new.





If decide to invest in something, we want the investment to give us returns for many years. This is also true when it comes to furniture, especially if it is wooden furniture. Taking care of wooden surfaces is important but it is not the only issue. Here the conditions are important: the humidity and air temperature of the room where the piece is located. Wood is a hygroscopic material which means the can absorb and return humidity from its surroundings. The piece absorbs humidity (water) from the air, the wood swells and when the humidity is returned, it shrinks. Variable and adverse conditions can initiate such changes and they are destructive to the structure of the wood. As owners and users of wooden furniture we must ensure that temperature shifts are not significant - for example during intense heating periods. Stable but high temperature is also a detriment. Too intense light shining on the wood can also have a negative effect - that is why the furniture needs to placed correctly. Humidity plays an important role. For furniture this should be kept between 40 and 60%. If the humidity is too low, there is a risk of the wooed to crack as a result of returning the water to the environment (drying of wood). You need to take care of this during winter months when the humidity drops due intensive heating. Putting an air humidifier and controlling room humidity by means of an electronic control over will enable you to avoid potential damages and will improve your mood. Proper humidity is beneficial not only for the wood but also for the people who live there


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