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Ul. Wiślana 25, 85-773 Bydgoszcz- poblíž obchodu Ikea a obchodu Lidl

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Po - Pá: 0900 - 1700

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Choosing a payment method is the last stage of placing an order in The Best shop:



STANDARD BANK TRANSFER (100%) should be chosen when:



you want to pay the full price of the order by means of a standard transfer at post office or in the bank (details for the transfer shall be given in a PDF file with the confirmation that the order has been received)





ONLINE BANK TRANSFER (100%) should be chosen when:



you want to pay the full price of the order at the moment you place it by an online connection with your bank through PayPal;
you want to pay the full price with a bank card (VISA, MasterCard, JCB)





BANK TRANSFER OF THE ADVANCE (30%) should be chosen when:



you want to pay an advance of minimum 30% of the order cost (with a standard transfer) - the rest will be paid with a bank transfer to our account a couple of days before delivery, after we inform you about the exact date of delivery;

Data for transfers from outside Poland(EUR):
Bank ING
PL 27 1050 1139 1000 0090 8358 3337

Recipient details:
STWD Roman Bilecki, ul. Wiślana 25, 85-773 Bydgoszcz, Polska



In the case of an order for products with different delivery dates, the details of transportation are discussed individually (for example in the case of split delivery without an additional cost).


Each time we receive an order, we enter it into our internal system and confirm the date of completion in a separate email with 1-2 working days.

Contact Us!

Zákaznický servis

Paulina Bąk

Konzultant prodeje


0048 535 410 808

Po - Pá:

1000 - 1500


Zákaznický servis (Eng.)

Patryk Rulewski

Konzultant prodeje


0048 535 410 810

Po - Pá:


0900 - 1700

0900 - 1400


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